Friday, October 16, 2015

Review: Traffick by Ellen Hopkins

Traffick (Tricks, #2)Traffick by Ellen Hopkins
Release Date: November 3, 2015
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Five teens victimized by sex trafficking try to find their way to a new life in this riveting companion to the New York Times bestselling Tricks from Ellen Hopkins, author of Crank.

In her bestselling novel, Tricks, Ellen Hopkins introduced us to five memorable characters tackling these enormous questions: Eden, the preacher’s daughter who turns tricks in Vegas and is helped into a child prostitution rescue; Seth, the gay farm boy disowned by his father who finds himself without money or resources other than his own body; Whitney, the privileged kid coaxed into the life by a pimp and whose dreams are ruined in a heroin haze; Ginger, who runs away from home with her girlfriend and is arrested for soliciting an undercover cop; and Cody, whose gambling habit forces him into the life, but who is shot and left for dead.

And now, in Traffick, these five are faced with the toughest question of all: Is there a way out? How these five teenagers face the aftermath of their decisions and experiences is the soul of this story that exposes the dark, ferocious underbelly of the child trafficking trade. Heartwrenching and hopeful, Traffick takes us on five separate but intertwined journeys through the painful challenges of recovery, rehabilitation, and renewal to forgiveness and love. All the way home.
My thoughts:
I read Tricks a few years ago and it was one book that really stayed with me.  It was my first Ellen Hopkins book, definitely not my last, but the one that never left my thoughts.  When I discovered Ms. Hopkins was writing a sequel I wasn't sure what to think at first.  My heart hurt after Tricks so I wasn't sure I could go down that road again, but I just couldn't let these characters stay in limbo so I picked up Traffick and I am so happy I did.

Tricks was pure destruction.  Ellen Hopkins took five teenagers and threw them into the fire of child trafficking.  I was completely devastated after Tricks and I realized after reading Traffick that I needed this sequel.  Where Tricks was destruction, Traffick was restoration of the human soul.  Was it all pretty no, not in the least I mean come on its Ellen Hopkins.  What it was though was beautiful in parts, gut wrenching in others, and hopeful throughout.

I wanted the HEA for these characters.  Some got it some didn't quite get the pretty bow tied in a knot, but there was hope that they could if they worked hard.  This novel shows what can happen when you are given hope and a chance.  All these kids needed was a little help from someone and they all realized they needed to turn their lives around.  It was easierish for some, but the struggle was real for everyone of them.

I think I fell most in love with Cody.  I remember thinking his story wasn't as strong as the others, but his rehab story was one of the strongest because of his aftermath from Tricks.  I felt connected to each character this time around though honestly.  I hoped with all my heart that they would each find their way again and I was scared one or more of them would fall off their path.  I won't say what happens because I don't want to give spoilers. I will say each story was unique and heartbreaking at the same time and I really and truly loved Ellen Hopkins for giving her readers this second chance with her characters.

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  1. I've only ever read one book about sex trafficking and it was more of a 'adjusting to life after being a child prostitute' type story. This series sounds like it would be at times a very hard read, but I can't deny that I am interested in it. I love a story that could break my heart and leaving me sobbing and this one sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely have to check it out at some point :)

  2. Stories like this are always powerful and emotionally draining. I've never come across this particular one, but I may give it a go one day. Great review!

    1. You must Lekeisha! Not for the faint of heart, but definitely one that should be read by all!