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Review: Gathering Deep by Lisa Maxwell

Gathering Deep by Lisa Maxwell
Publisher- Flux
Released- Oct 8th 2015
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When Chloe Sabourin wakes in a dark, New Orleans cemetery with no memory of the previous days, she can hardly believe the story her friends tell her. They say Chloe was possessed by a witch named Thisbe, who had used the darkest magic to keep herself alive for over a century. They tell her that the witch is the one responsible for the unspeakable murders that nearly claimed the life of Chloe's friend, Lucy. Most unbelievable of all, they say that Thisbe is Chloe’s own mother. As she struggles with this devastating revelation and tries to rebuilt her life, Chloe wants nothing to do with the magic that corrupted her mother…especially since she feels drawn to it. Now, a new series of ritualistic killings suggests that Thisbe is plotting again, and Chloe is drawn unwillingly back into the mystical underworld of the French Quarter. To stop Thisbe before she kills again, Chloe and her friends must learn what they can from the mysterious Mama Legba. But when her boyfriend Piers vanishes, Chloe will have to risk everything and embrace her own power to save the one person she has left… even if that means bringing down her mother.
My Thoughts:
Honestly? I wasn't sure if I'd love this book more then the first one. See, Sweet Unrest was one of those reads where not only did the words haunt me, but so did the characters, in the best way possible. I've always been a romantic sap, and well, Alex and Lucy had such a bittersweet love that I craved more the minute the story was over. So when I found out this book was a companion and not the sequel I was secretly hoping for, I had my doubts but they were quickly at ease only after reading the first chapter. Gathering Deep in Chloe's story and it's filled with just as much mystery, suspense and intrigue that I fell in love with in the first book, but this book felt different, more dangerous more sinister and I loved every minute of it!
Man, I really just adore Maxwell's fantastic storytelling. It's so crisp that I could feel and see everything play out in my mind so vividly. The atmosphere crackles with torment, power and charm and I love the way she clues in the reader with history, visions and dreams to connect us to that right moment or memory from past to present. I also love that this is set in New Orleans and that it's woven in deep voodoo magic, tortured love and an inevitable destiny. It's creepy mind you and gave me some chills, but it was so captivating I couldn't wait to see how everything plays out.
My heart really goes out to Chloe, she's been through some crazy stuff and it's not everyday you learn you mamma is an all powerful voodoo witch out for blood and took over her own daughter for her wicked plans. Literally. To say that Chloe was a bit unhinged would be an understatement and yet, I have to say I'm impressed with how she handled it. Scared, yes, haunted, sure, but extremely determined to try to fix her unconscious-mistakes and own up to her part, even if she wasn't the ones who pulled the strings. I thought Chloe was fascinating even in her resentment and doubts, I applaud her dedication to put a stop to Thisbe, even if it means the end to her own mother. 
Piers, I think, will be misunderstood for this book. When he we first meet him in Sweet Unrest, he plays the part of Chloe's charming love interest and I enjoyed what he brought to the story, but he didn't come out of Sweet Unrest, unscratched and what he had to face, what he had to almost do still haunts him. Saying that, I think I get why Piers was so overbearingly protective and even controlling and I even get why Chloe was so irritated and upset with him, but through it all, I liked Piers unwavering love and support. It just felt, realistic and I was nervous for this very thin-as-ice relationship's future. And as always I loved seeing Lucy and Mama Legba, such amazing characters that add the perfect charm to this magical story.
Bottom line, I really loved this one. Gathering Deep has a great twisty plot, remarkable writing and unforgettable characters and it make me crave more stories about voodoo witches and forbidden love. While this left us on a satisfying note, I think there is room for one more. I'm simply not done with these characters yet or this captivating world. Great read and fun escape. Can't wait for more from Maxwell!

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