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Guest Post: Kim Savage

Guest post topics are so hard for me almost to the point of painful sometimes because I never know how far I can go.  So, when I asked Kim Savage to cast her own high school Scream movie I thought for sure she would pass, but she's amazing and was totally up for the challenge!  Not only was she up for the challenge she KILLED IT!  Ha I made myself laugh XD This is by far one of my favorite topics ever and Kim did an amazing job with it!  
Check this awesomeness out!


Randy: There are certain RULES that one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. For instance, number one: you can never have sex.

[crowd boos]

Randy: BIG NO NO! BIG NO NO! Sex equals death, okay? Number two: you can never drink or do drugs.

[crowd cheers and raises their bottles]

Randy: The sin factor! It's a sin. It's an extension of number one. And number three - never ever, ever, ever under any circumstances say, I'll be right back - 'cause you won't be back.

Stu: I’m getting another beer, you want one?

Randy: Yeah, sure.

Stu: I'll be right back.”

I love dark humor, satire, and insider jokes. When it was released nearly 20 years ago, the first SCREAM movie was a wickedly fresh mash-up of all three. SCREAM laid out the ground rules for horror movies, then played them for laughs.
Back in 1996, Drew Barrymore was the only sure-fire box office draw. The rest of the cast was filled with lesser-know, budding stars.
Kinda like The Sweet Sixteens.
In this guest post, I’m casting my own SCREAM send-up with some members of The Sweet Sixteens debut authors group. If you haven't heard these names before, you will, very soon. Mwa-ha-ha-ha!
The role of doomed Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) will be played by Darcy Woods, author of SUMMER OF SUPERNOVAS (Spring 2016), about a girl’s quest to connect with her astrological soulmate before their planets misalign. Like Drew, Darcy is a sparkly gal. Like Casey, whose bubbly nature belies a knack for horror movie trivia, Darcy’s surprising party tricks involve grenades and bayonets. Ghostface wouldn't stand a chance against Darcy, but it would be fun to watch.
Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) will be played by Heidi Heilig, author of the mythic THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE (Winter 2016). Like Sidney, Heidi is both adorable and fearless. Need proof? GIRL’s timeline spans contemporary New York, ancient China, and 19th century Hawaii, to name a few. Call it world-building without a net.
Sidney’s boyfriend, the secretly evil Billy (Skeet Ulrich), will be played by Jeff Zentner, author of THE SERPENT KING (Spring 2016). Firstly, “Skeet” sounds a lot like a minor character in THE SERPENT KING, his satisfyingly layered novel set in the rural South. Second: okay, that’s it. Because Jeff’s a good guy, and Billy is a seriously bad dude under all that hair gel.
Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) will be played by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of FIRSTS (Winter 2016). Everyone knows that in horror movies, the virgin dies last. But Sidney loses it and still survives. Laurie’s protag Mercedes is decidedly not a virgin, and she not only survives—she thrives. Yes, FIRSTS is that original, and utterly awesome.
Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) will the played by Brooks Benjamin, author of MY SEVENTH MY GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS (Spring 2016). When David Arquette was cast, they wanted someone more manly-slash-burly, but Arquette played Dewey quirky, and thus far more interesting. Brooks’ debut could be a straight-forward dance-victory story, but it’s about fitting in and following your heart, and it is hilarious. Also, Brooks claims to gain power from wearing funky socks. Enough said.
Because Stephenie Meyer says gender flipping is in, Randy (Jamie Kennedy) will be played by Shannon Parker, author of the heart-pounding contemporary about love and obsession, THE GIRL THAT FELL (Spring 2016).

Stu (Matthew Lilliard) will be played by Everly Frost, author of FEAR MY MORTALITY (Winter 2016), because her title is something secretly evil (sensing a theme?) Stu might hiss. Also, “Everly Frost” just sounds like a movie star.
Frost’s understudy is Parker Peeveyhouse (WHERE FUTURES END, Winter 2016), for the same reasons.
Cotton Weary (Liev Schreiber), SCREAM’s red herring, will be played by Jeff Garvin, author of SYMPTOMS OF BEING HUMAN (Winter 2016), about the struggles of a secretly gender-fluid teen. In real life, Liev Schreiber is this insanely talented classical actor. In real life, insanely talented Jeff has been an actor and the front man for a rock band. Seriously.
The Phone Voice of Ghostface (Roger Jackson) will be played by Marieke Nijkamp, author of THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS (Spring 2016), since she can phone it in from the Netherlands.
Alternately, the role will be played by Kurt Dinan, author of DON’T GET CAUGHT (Spring 2016), because we’ve traded emails for months and I’m convinced he has an extremely resonant voice in person.
Janitor (Wes Craven, in a cameo role) will be played by me. Because I am the creator of this monsterpiece.

What’s your favorite scary movie? Answer correctly, or Ghostface won’t be pleased.

OMG KIM!  This was AHMAHZHINNNG!!!  I love that you switched the gender for the villain!  Brilliant!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You are a total rock star and I can't wait to read After the Woods!!!!

About the Author:
KIM SAVAGE is a former reporter who received her Master’s degree in Journalism from Northeastern University. She worked as a business journalist, pitching story ideas along the lines of "When Murder Kills Property Values." You get the idea. Today, Kim lives in a town north of Boston, Massachusetts, near the real Middlesex Fells Reservation of After the Woods. Born directionally challenged, the fear of getting lost in that lovely, dark forest lives close to her skin. She and her husband have three children, each of whom beg to appear in her books. They shouldn’t.

You can follow Kim on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter, and visit her at AFTER THE WOODS (February 23, 2016 with FSG/Macmillan) is her debut novel.
Find the Author:

 After the Woods
After the Woods by Kim Savage
Publisher: Farra, Straus, and Giroux
Release Date: February 23rd, 2016
Purchase: Amazon
An emotionally-charged debut novel about the deadly lies hidden beneath a destructive friendship.
One year ago, two best friends, Liv and Julia, were attacked in the woods by a paroled predator. In an attempt to save Liv, Julia was left behind while Liv escaped. After spending three days in the woods trying to escape her abductor, Julia was rescued. She only remembers what happened in the woods in terrifying flashbacks. Now, on the eve of the anniversary of the attack, a body is found in the woods. This discovery rips open fresh wounds between the two girls as the truth about Liv's role in the kidnapping is revealed.

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  1. This is so cool guys. I love how she gender swapped some of the characters. I used to love the Scream movies as a teen because they were such a huge hit with everybody. My old neighbor wore a Scream mask every Halloween when I was younger. Dude was like 60 then. He used to scare the hell out of everybody. Great post!