Friday, October 2, 2015

Guest Post: Carly Anne West!

Woohoo! We have another amazing post to share with you today!  This month is really starting off with a bang and Carly Anne West is joining in the fun!  Carly is one of my go to authors for all things creepy so I started wondering if there were any lines she refused to cross when writing.  For instance, I refuse to allow clowns around me in any form and I really wanted to know if Carly felt the same.  She was gracious enough to answer!  Take a look...
I’m not sure I would consider myself a careful person. I am full of care, sure, but in terms of avoiding the stuff that could (or most definitely will) get me into a moderate amount of trouble, I would say no, I’m not such a careful person. I used to be. But then I got older, and maybe I got a little dumber, but where I used to hesitate – a lot – now I step flat-footed into things that stick to my shoes.

This doesn’t make me a maverick. I am not the first person in the world to, say, elope. I wouldn’t by any stretch of even the most far-fetched imaginings consider myself a rebel. I am, alas, still relatively boring (a common author problem, I’m told, and the same reason we’re prone to story-weaving and wearing flannel pants into the afternoon). But I do credit writer-hood with at least a good chunk of my adult carelessness. That and parenthood, which will send even the most cautious of us leaping into the abyss if for no other reason than to escape a 3:00 a.m. cry from the room across the hall.

I’m supposed to be telling you about lines I will not cross. Specifically, lines I will not cross in writing. And I had a small list going for a brief moment. Yet every time I reviewed the list, I found myself attaching a caveat for each item: “…well, except if …” So I quickly realized that there are no real lines I would absolutely, definitively not cross in writing.

Allow me to elaborate, lest you decide in this moment that Carly Anne West has no scruples (which you may still conclude). I know of a number of topics about which I would choose not to write. In horror, I find that I’m much more drawn to ghost stories, the ones that are practically drowning in weighty history. I like to explore the intersection between ghostly experiences and the intentions of living people. I love to play with horror tropes, bend and twist perspectives, unravel mysteries. I don’t gravitate toward the more earthly horrors, but there are elements of those in many of my stories as well. People do horrible things to people, and I think that makes a lasting mark. Yet I don’t see myself ever saying “I won’t cross that line.” And I think that’s because fiction has allowed me to erase a lifetime of lines I’ve drawn to keep me cautious. Writing has been that single place where I can cross any line I want to cross. And while everyone might not like that, and they may choose not to read what I’ve written, I have the right (and the very distinct privilege) to write it.

So in answer to the question of lines that I won’t cross, I guess my answer is none. Because that might be synonymous with drawing them, and I can’t draw a straight line to save my life. And I have nothing but respect for authors who choose to write with lines in mind – bold, dashed, wavy, or otherwise. Knowing the world you choose to write within is critical for every author to understand. Perhaps I’ll find the borders of my own world along the way. Who knows? I’d like to think I’m in the infancy of my writing life.

So here’s to every author finding their world, and here’s to every reader finding the world that welcomes them the most. And here’s to demolishing lines that don’t need to be there.

Except for that line that lies before the toe of a giant red clown shoe. That line should remain.  I fucking hate clowns. (Kidding! Sort of. That one was for you, Crystal).

 THAT LAST LINE!  *shudders*  Even thinking of a clown shoe has me inching my finger toward the delete button to erase the image lol!!  Carly you are beyond amazing and I love love love the line "And I have nothing but respect for authors who choose to write with lines in mind – bold, dashed, wavy, or otherwise"  That is beautiful and something that will stay with me forever.  Thank you so much for agreeing to answer my crazy question!

So my snowflakes what lines won't you cross?  Whether they be in writing, movies, or books leave us comment and let us know! 

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