Thursday, October 8, 2015

Guest Post & Giveaway: Paula Weston

To help celebrate our Hauntings month we have Paula Weston with us!  WOOHOO!!  Everybody clap your hands!!  For Paula's stop I asked her to name top five book characters that have scared you for life.  Here's what she said...
 Paula Weston
Most recent:
1. The Passage - Justine Cronin (Babcock, one of the infected).

I have to confess that I haven’t read a lot of classic horror in recent years - not genuine keep-me-awake-at-night horror stories - but I vividly recall the sense of dread I had after reading the following books when I was a teenager.

2. It- Stephen King (the clown!)
3. Salem’s Lot - Stephen King (creepy vampires)
4. Watchers - Dean R Koontz (monster-beast)
5. Peter Straub - Ghost Story (I can’t remember characters but this book seriously freaked me out)

CLOWNS!  THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE NEAR ME!  I have to agree with you Paula, It scared me for life.  I will never forget Pennywise!! *shudders*  This is a great list for those looking for creepy reads this Halloween!  Paula you rock!  Thanks for stopping by! 

Find the Author:

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  1. Even though when I read It by Stephen King I absolutely loved it, Pennywise still scares the crap out of me to this day.

  2. I think it's called the Obeah Man from Anna Dressed in Blood. He leaves bite marks on his victims and is just all around terrifying. I've heard nothing but praises for this series so really want to try it. I entered because I have a US PO Box, I hope that's acceptable :D

    1. Definitely okay Eileen! Thanks for entering! Good luck!

  3. I really can't think of one. The only thing that has ever really scared me, was The Excorcist".(sic)

  4. He Who Must Not Be Named!! .....

  5. I think the one that scarred me for life would be Dolores Umbridge! She was the worst character I have ever read!

  6. Misery by Stephen King, I read that one ages ago, sooooo freaky! But more recently, "I Hunt Killers" by Barry Lyga - awesome!

  7. I'd have to agree with Jacklin up there, Umbridge is terrifying because she's proof that monsters exist in real life, not just myth.

  8. I'd have to agree with Jacklin up there, Umbridge is terrifying because she's proof that monsters exist in real life, not just myth.

  9. I have too say the one charecter that sent chills down my spine and scares the crap outta me is the crazy Chairman of Paxco in Replica by Jenna Black OMGosh he beyond psycho he would get rid of anybody that gets in his way that even includes family members ugh. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  10. Nth scary, just creeps me out. The lost and abused children from Gary Braumbeck's In Silent Graves.