Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Spotlight & Giveaway: Nightfall by Jake Halpern, Peter Kujawinski

Penguin Teen has asked a few bloggers to try and capture their reading experience while reading Nightfall by Jake Halpern, Peter Kujawinski.  At first I was like hmmmm how can I do this, but after reading Nightfall I knew I would have no problem showing just what I was thinking!  Using these gifs I have created a fun timeline to show you what I experienced during my time with Nightfall..

The scenes leading up to the boat had me beyond stressed out!  I kept worrying they weren't going to make it and then I worried about there not being enough boats! So STRESSUL!!

Then the darkness came!  In most books morning comes but nope not in this one. 

I felt extremely cold the entire time while reading Nightfall!  I even had to have a blanket on and my house stays at 75!!

And that ending.  I won't tell you what happens of course but holy mother of snowballs!!  

That's a glimpse into my reading experience!  Nightfall definitely left an impression on me!  If you have read Nightfall let me know your experience!

Also the wonderful people at Penguin are hosting this giveaway! 
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  1. That was a blast! So funny. I'm watching Sheldon right now. I've got to read this book. It's so me and I love to get stressed out about the characters.

    1. Haha thanks!! Love Sheldon!! He's always my go to gif lol!! I hope you love Nightfall!!