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Review: Stones and Finger Bones by Jessica Minyard * Xpresso Book Tours*

Stones and Finger Bones by Jessica Minyard  
(The Black Towers #1)  
Publication date: February 10th 2015 
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Aurelia Barone, Jewel of Starry Stone, harbors no illusions about the purpose of her life as heir to the throne. But after two failed betrothals, she starts to feel like nothing more than a pawn being moved aimlessly about a game board.
Until the night she loses everything.
Kidnapped by a wise-cracking mercenary with more than one identity, Aurelia embarks on a mission across land and sea to avenge her father’s death.
But an evil is rising from the ashes of memory. Insidious magic is stirring. The dregs of a once-powerful nation are thirsty for blood and revenge.
They seek to harness Aurelia. To tempt her. To manipulate her.
And if necessary, to destroy her. 

My Thoughts

Wow this was such a pleasant surprise. I saw the blurb and had to jump on board!! I am such a sucker for court politics and  magic and I was not disappointed in the least!!

This book started off a bit slow in the beginning but then once it took off I was able to see this captivating world that was created. There was bits of magic and twists and turns galore. The setting was definitely a favorite part of mine as I felt the world building was definitely one of the stronger points of the writing.

Another part of this book was the fact that the characters while fiction, seemed incredibly life like. They are had a certain shade in grey in terms of good vs. evil and I think that just add so many layers to the characterizations. It also makes for a much more believable story since let's face the is very few true good and true evil in the world. It always seems to be bit of both. There was an alternating narrative with a clever use of ancient diary to fill in the missing history and plot points. Even thought there was a lot of changing of perspective it still felt like a very subtle transition for me which was great since it didn't pull me out of the story once!

I am so very lucky to have been part of this tour! I would be remiss had I missed out on this unique title. I cannot wait to see more of Aurelia and if there are any upcoming books! If you are a lover of fantasy and just a strong plot this one will suit you!

4 Snowflakes



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About the Author

Jessica wrote and illustrated her first story in the fourth grade. “The Dragon of Grindley Grun” was about an evil wizard, a princess, and a dragon who was actually a prince. She likes to think her writing has evolved since that very first story, even though she still writes about magic and evil wizards...sometimes.
She likes to sing loudly and dance on occasion without being particularly talented at either. Her interests include reading, writing, procrastinating, animal advocacy, musicals, accessories, memes, Harry Potter, and sweet tea.
Jessica lives in Kentucky with a spoiled pitbull.

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  1. Great review, Britt! I love the sounds of the world building especially! Sounds very well created and unique. Glad you lied it I love it when a book surpasses expectations! :)

    1. It was so great! I had such a hard time writing this review since i didn't want to give anything away but I am so on board for book two!! :-)

  2. Awesome review this book looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks for the great giveaway!