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Review: I Become Shadow by Joe Shine

I Become Shadow by Joe Shine
Publisher- Soho Teen
Released-June 10th 2014
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Ren Sharpe was abducted at fourteen and chosen by the mysterious F.A.T.E. Center to become a Shadow: the fearless and unstoppable guardian of a future leader. Everything she held dear—her family, her home, her former life—is gone forever.

Ren survives four years of training, torture, and misery, in large part thanks to Junie, a fellow F.A.T.E. abductee who started out as lost and confused as she did. She wouldn’t admit it was possible to find love in a prison beyond imagining, but what she feels for Junie may just be the closest thing to it.

At eighteen they part ways when Ren receives her assignment: find and protect college science student Gareth Young, or die trying. Life following a college nerd is uneventful, until an attack on Gareth forces Ren to track down the only person she can trust. When she and Junie discover that the F.A.T.E. itself might be behind the attacks, even certain knowledge of the future may not be enough to save their kidnappers from the killing machines they created.
My Thoughts:
I Become Shadow, starts the story with 18 year old Rennes Sharpe taking us back four years ago when her life was stolen from her. See she was kidnapped and chosen to be apart of an organization called F.A.T.E who stumbled on a designed satellite that saw fifty years into the future, thus knowing who lived, who died and who was valuable. Ren was suppose to die at age 14 as well as the other hundreds of other 'recruits' all who were chosen (aka abducted) to be in the Shadow program and protect future leader of the world. The time at the centre is brutal and merciless and even though Ren finds comfort and companionship in Junie another 'recruit', she misses her old life, family and friends who all think she's dead. For the next four years of Ren's life she's been taught that F.A.T.E were the good guys, but soon will learn that the organizations have their own agendas for the FIP's they were trained to protect with their lives. 

I saw this at my bookstore and only after reading a few sentences I was already intrigued. I read this in one sitting and was surprised how dark and edgy it could get but at the same time funny and uplifting. One of my favourite aspects of this book was the way it was written. Ren is our narrator and throughout the entire book was talking to the reader, telling us her story before, during and after the program that changed her life for the better or the worse (jury still out). It did take a bit to get use to but I really enjoyed Ren's voice. It's honest, realistic and I loved that she stayed true to herself no matter what was happening to her and those around her. I also really liked Junie and thought they made a good team. He was someone dependable and good in a world of unjust madness and cruel expectations. The training was absolutely unforgiving and harsh but gave me that action intrigue and suspense I crave in a good book. The pacing was a little fast at times but it didn't take away from the overall experience and while the romance was on the lighter side, the moments we did get was worth it.

While I can see that this may not be for everyone, I was really impressed with this escape and had a great time reading it. The writing is terrific, the concept is great and these characters are pretty kickass. A solid entertaining experience. Bring on the next book!
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  1. This sounds very interesting. Especially the narration. I don't think I have ever read a book that is written like that. :)

    Cucie @ Cucie reads

  2. I'm glad to hear this! I have the ARC but haven't read it yet. I'll have to read it sooner than I thought.