Friday, July 25, 2014

Review: Second Kiss by Natalie Palmer

Second Kiss (Second #1) by Natalie Palmer
Published 2010
Publisher: Tate Publishing
'Even my most humiliating moments seemed funny somehow when I told them to Jess.' Gemma Mitchell is a normal girl who somehow gets herself into abnormally embarrassing circumstances. And while she thinks she's the biggest loser in school because of them, there are a few people in her life who would disagree. One of those people is her best friend, Jess Tyler, who is opposite to her in every way. He's popular, good looking, athletic, and intelligent, and he can't get enough of Gemma. But while Gemma is dealing with problems like wrong locker combinations and Valentine's Day dances, Jess is living in a world of serious issues that are foreign to Gemma, until she realizes that he's holding on to her for dear life. Humorous and true to life, Second Kiss is an entertaining saga about a boy and girl who find that their lives have a lot more meaning once they have shared them with each other.

My Thoughts
Second Kiss by Natalie Palmer is such a cute and heartwarming coming of age story. The plot and characters do a great job of grabbing the reader’s attention and pulling you into their lives as they experience life lessons, embarrassing moments, family issues and young love.

To be honest, I’m surprised this book wasn’t picked up by a better known publisher because I feel it definitely holds a spot worthy of attention along-side young adult contemporary novels out there on the market. It wasn’t hard to come by, but it was disappointing not to find it on the YA shelves at the larger bookstore retailers.

About the book: Gemma Mitchell is your typical, self conscience fourteen year old who simply wants to fit in at school, with friends and at home. But as much as she tries, mishaps as innocent as forgetting her class schedule, inviting a few friends over for her non-birthday party, trying to open the wrong locker, and jumping into a freezing lake seem to land her in precarious situations. Lucky for Gem, her best friend Jess Tyler is always close by to rescue her or simply lend a shoulder to cry on. But Jess and Gemma’s worlds couldn’t be more different. As they battle the struggles that come along with growing up, they find themselves in a relationship that means more to them than simply just fitting in.

I liked how their story is steady and yet captivating the whole way through. It was great to see how honestly Palmer depicts her characters when it comes to first love, family trials, and friendship tribulations.

At first, I felt Gemma was too young of a MC to carry this story, but all of a sudden I fell into her narrative and the topics the author infused in this book are worthy of attention as she pens a honest novel about how young adults deal with divorce, family illnesses, betrayal and the confusion of falling for someone that you always saw as your best friend.

Great book that I hope will get the attention it deserves.
4 Snowflakes

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