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Review: Of Breakable Things by A. Lynden Rolland

Of Breakable ThingsOf Breakable Things by A. Lynden Rolland
Publisher: Month9books
Release Date: April 29, 2014
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A captivating debut about the fragility of life, love, and perspective.

When Chase dies tragically, Alex embraces her own mortality. What she didn’t expect was that she’d have to make a choice: forget the years of pain and suffering once and for all, or linger as a spirit and get another chance at life and love.

Alex doesn’t hesitate to choose; she’d follow Chase anywhere. But the spirit world is nothing like she expected, and Alex finds she's forced to fight for her life once more. For even in a world where secrets are buried much deeper than six feet under, a legacy can continue to haunt you—and in a place this dangerous, no one is resting in peace.
My Thoughts:
Of Breakable Things had a bad case of the too manys.  Too many characters, too many storylines, too much world building, and too many kiss me no don't kiss me scenes.  Unfortunately for me all this too manys just ruined what could have been a really great book.

Alex having just died and deciding to forgo just leaving completely ends up going to a strange spirit city in between.  This new city kinda baffled me and that could be because I didn't read this straight through and I lost things in between readings.  I still think though that even if I had read it straight through I would have had problems with the world building.  I still don't get why humans can enter this city and why they would even want to.  Are the spirits inhabiting an actual city?  See I'm confused, but I'll move on.

When I first started this I thought it was going to be a heartbreaker.  Alex while living was so fragile because she had a disease and Chase was her best friend.  They both had feelings for each other, but neither acted on them until it was too late.  So when Alex goes to this new city and learns that Chase is there also she immediately knows shes made the right decision.  Only problem is that Chase is under some kind of punishment and is no where to be found.  I thought this book was going to be more about why he was in trouble and about them finding love at last now that she isn't fragile.  Well that was in here, but it was covered underneath about 10 other storylines. 

I really liked Chase and Alex.  I loved reading their past together and the love they had for each other was just beautiful.  From the beginning I was rooting for them and I really wish this story would have focused on just them.  I didn't need the strange side stories about her mom and Jonas and well just about everything else.  I didn't understand half of it because the storylines kept jumping.  I even at one point thought that someone might be a banshee!  See bet you didn't see that being thrown in did you??

So for me this wasn't a hit.  I liked Alex (even though she did get on my nerves, but that was because of her multiple storyines) and I really liked Chase (even though he needed to not instigate his brother) and I liked the story between the two.  But I can't give this story more than a 2 star rating because of all the horrible filler.
2 Snowflakes
On a side note I do love the cover.  It is just incredible!

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  1. Yes, that cover is freakishly gorgeous. I also don't like the 'too manys' that just makes a book fall flat.