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Review: Blood Prophecy by Alyxandra Harvey

Blood Prophecy (Drake Chronicles #6)
Blood Prophecy by Alyxandra Harvey
Release Date- Jan 8th 2013
Publisher- Walker Childrens
Pre-Order- Amazon / B & N 

In the thrilling conclusion of the Drake Chronicles, love and loyalties will be tested … and proven once and for all.
Can Solange find her way back home again? And can she do it in time to save everyone she loves from the vampire civil war, hunter attack, and each other?
Because not everyone can survive the prophecy… maybe not even her.

My Thoughts:

The Drake Chronicles has been one of my all time favorite series. It's filled with laughter, excitement, kickass female protags and swoon-worthy undead boys that will steal your heart faster then you can say vampire. 
They will all truly be missed.

Since Blood Prophecy is the last book, I don't want to spoil fans and give away to much, but I will say that I love how Harvey handed this final masterpiece. It was good to see a lot of the pieces fall into place, especially considering Solange's character since she was a pretty big question mark for a few books now. I knew that she was changing, but I couldn't shake how wrong her character felt. I don't know about you, but it always felt very off and unsettling to see Solange act the way she did. So it was a huge relief to finally understand the why's when the revelations started to unravel for her. What a brilliant move played by Harvey. I never expected any of it. It was also pretty cool learning all the twist and turns for the other mysteries and events that took place and witnessing how much depth and fierceness these characters have when working side by side as a team, a friend and as a family.
The story line is a whirlwind of excitement and suspense. I think this installment was the most intriguing and action packed compared to the other books. It felt like something was always happening but in a way that was passionate and persistent instead of overwhelming or overloaded. It was carefully constructed, beautifully done and completely satisfying.

I absolutely love Harvey's writing! She has this incredible zing with how she handles her characters. This book was mostly told through Solange and Lucy's POV but we do get some of the other characters which was really nice since this is the last book and it was great to be inside their heads again. I also love that even though this was mostly filled with fast paced action, Harvey still manages to slow things down long enough to throw in some sigh-worthy romance. My favorite couple has always been and will always be Lucy and Nick. These two are the epitome of cuteness. I love the way they look out for each other, I love their banter and I love their wit. And even though it's just an idea, I hope that Harvey makes a Lucky and Nick spin-off, that would make me the happiest reader evah!

All in all, I couldn't love a book and series more. Harvey gave us everything we could ever hope for in this final conclusion. So even though I'm sad to see this end, I'm ready to let them go. I've had so much fun with Solange, Lucy, Kieran, the Drake boys and the women who won their hearts. These books are completely entertaining and an absolute blast to read. 
They will be terribly missed.
Being a forever fan of Alyxandra Harvey, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

If your looking for a series that is dark and dangerous but witty and wonderful at the same time, then check out the The Drake Chronicles by the amazing Alyxandra Harvey!

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  1. I need to catch up before I can pick up this one. I have it for review as well. Can't wait to get back to this series. I'm so glad this one lives up to expectations, though. Love seeing those 5 stars Tina. Great review. :)

  2. Thanks Rach!:) I hope you find these enjoyable as I did. So so much fun!! <3

  3. I just got this book yesterday and started to read it last night and OMGoodness I am loving every momment of it is so sad it is the end of the Drake Cronicles but it has been an amazing and fun read:)

  4. Yay's! So glad your enjoying it:) The last book is very bittersweet. The entire series will be very much missed!