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Review: Tempest Revealed by Tracy Deebs

Tempest Revealed (Tempest, #3)
Tempest Revealed by Tracy Deebs
Publisher-Walkers Childrens
Release- June 4th 2013
Purchase- B & N/ Chapters

Half-mermaid Tempest Maguire is trying to have it all: fulfilling her duties as second-in-line to the merQueen Hailana while periodically returning home to the California coastline to be with her family and longtime boyfriend, Mark. Living under the sea and rebuilding Coral Straits is grueling work, while being back home reminds her of everyone she loves and misses. But when her old flame Kona arrives bearing news that Hailana has died and Tempest is now officially merQueen, she returns permanently to Coral Straits--even though it devastates her family and rips her apart from Mark. Once there, she discovers that an old enemy has resurfaced, hell-bent on taking over her throne...with or without her. As Tempest prepares for her final showdown against Tiamat and anyone who stands with her, she must decide what--and who--is really important to her. Because there will be few survivors in the ultimate sea battle that is brewing--and Tempest isn't sure she will be one of them.
My Thoughts:
Tempest Revealed is the last book in the Tempest series by Tracy Deebs. I've never had much luck when it came to mermaid books, but I love how Deebs tackles underwater action and heartfelt romance. In this last installment, Tempest is torn between two worlds. Sea vs Land. Responsibly vs Heart. She must make the ultimate choice to become the merQueen and defeat Tiamat and her evil minions or be human with her family and Mark. Since the two worlds seem to collide, it's not like she can have both...or can she?

So much fun! Tempest Revealed is a whirlwind of heart-pounding action and excitement and it all starts when Kona came to find Tempest and tell her the news that Hanilla has died, making Tempest the rightful merQueen of Coral Straits. Together they must fight Tiamat's plan for immortality (by drinking the blood of mermaids to keep her young and beautiful) with Tempest as her golden prize. But when they finally get down to the ocean, Tempest was taken by the twisted Sabyn. An enraged Tempest fights her abductor and escapes with help, but the horrific experience only fuels her determination. The ultimate battle has begun between the ocean leaders to finally destroy Tiamat, the evil Sea Witch once and for all, but not without a few surprises along the way. I absolutely loved where Deebs took this story, so many twist and turns I never saw coming. I've always adored the way she can pen life under the sea. Mesmerized by the rich bold colors and beauty of it all. I also love the fact that this women can write fightin'! Pulse pounding, kick-ass merpeople and human come together in an underwater smack-down to the death! Yeah baby!

In a way, I'm actually kinda glad that this is the last book in the series but that's only cause my heart can't take anymore heart-fail and the back and forth decisions that Tempest had to make was almost my undoing. I get the why's, really I do. Torn, confused and under an incredible amount of pressure and responsibility, Tempest is allowed to make human teenage mistakes, but it was still hard and frustrating to read at times. 
Still, I loved this character. I love her strength and determination. During some of the most tortuous situations she was put under, she never gave up or gave in. She fought for her people and her Sea.
I've always had the biggest crush on Mark since the first book. He's proven so many times how much he loves Tempest. I love their moments in this one. He's the kind of guy that is just so supportive, loyal, protective and will do anything for you. He's had to take a lot a crap from Tempest and yet through it all he's still there, loving her. 
As for Kona, I was a big fan in the first book, but lately his attitude has been very cold and bitter and quite frankly immature. But he earned a spot in my heart after it was all said and done. Since this is the last book, I don't want to spoil who Tempest finally picks in the end, but I will say that I'm happy with her choice.

Bottom line, I had so much fun reading the last installment in the Tempest series. The adventurous story-line and breathtaking romance will put readers in the mood for basking on that perfect lazy summer days while escaping to the rumble of the ocean along with Tempest, Mark, Mahina and Kona.
Loved that ending and this still holds the record for best mermaid series in my book so far. It will truly be missed! 

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                                                                    4.5 Snowflakes

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