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Blog Tour: Chasing McCree by J.C. Isabella

Today WinterHaven Books has the wonderful opportunity to review Chasing McCree by J.C. Isabella. Special thanks to YA Bound for hosting this blog tour as well as allowing us to participate!

Chasing McCree
Chasing McCree by J.C. Isabella
Publisher- Self-pub
Released-April 14th 2012
Purchase-Kobo /Amazon / B & N 

Briar Thompson had it all. The right clothes, the right friends, the right car. Being popular was all that mattered. Her parents were rich and treated like royalty throughout the community. She thought her senior year of high school was going perfectly, until the night her drink was spiked at a party by one of her so called friends.
That was the night she met Chase McCree.
Chase wanted to go back to Montana. To the ranch and the wild, wide blue sky that went on forever. He wanted nothing to do with flashy cars or spoiled rich kids. But he found himself head over boots for the quirky cheerleader who turned her back on her social status. She befriended him when no one else would.
Shunned and hurt by the people who were once her friends, Briar flees with Chase to his family ranch in Montana. There she discovers another world, and apart of herself she never knew.
The cowboy wasn’t like anyone she’d ever met. The cheerleader wasn’t like anyone he’d ever met. Apart their lives didn’t seem to make sense, but together, they were chasing forever.
My Thoughts:
"I'd follow you to the end of the earth just to kiss you."
I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with everything in me. "Good thing for you I'm not going anywhere."

Chasing McCree is a story about a city girl and a country boy or more like a princess and a cowboy. At first glance Chase McCree and Briar Thompson seem like the total opposite of one another. Chase is hard working and mature beyond his years. While Briar lives a sheltered rich life and moves with the popular crowd at school.
One night, bored out of his mind, and missing his tranquil life in Montana, Chase decideds to give his horse, Ash, a little workout to a city park. There he stumbles into a girl he recognized from school but being the new kid doesn't really know her well.  Briar Thompson is an amusing drunken mess but also emotionally distraught but Chase, being the gentlemen that he is, takes pity on her and helps her out, which starts an unexpected friendship. 
At school, Briar is pushed aside by her so-called-friends and turns to Chase for companionship. They have an easy instant connection. Briar begins to see her self differently when she's around Chase. Someone who can be comfortable in her own skin.
So when Chase tells her that he's leaving Florida for good and moving back to Montana, neither of them want to lose their new found friendship. So when Chase invites Briar to Montana for the summer, to his surprise she agrees. Once they get to the ranch it's a whole different world and Chase and Briar start to realize that they have more in common then they thought, changing their lives for the better.

Aww, this was such a sweet sweet story! There really is no other way to say it. Once in awhile a book will come along that may not have a huge plot line or in-depth meaning or even excitement and suspense, but it still makes you fall head over boots in love. Chasing McCree is that book for me.
I absolutely adore the way J.C. Isabella sets up the story. How different we see city life compared to country living. While the city does provide more opportunities and endless entertainment, there is just something really calming and peaceful about being on a ranch. That was my favorite part of the book. Being on the ranch and taking it all in. From the animals to haying and riding horses and kicking back swinging on a porch swing. But it's not all fun and good times. I never realized how much energy goes in running a successful ranch or the possibilities of real danger. Still, I could totally see why Briar and Chase love it so much. It really does feel like a different world and it made me feel relaxed and happy. 

There is nothing I enjoy more then genuinely caring about the characters I read about.
There is only one other cowboy that I've read before and that would be Tucker from the Unearthly series, but after meeting Chase, I gotta tell ya, these country boys are starting to look really good. 
Chase is the kind of guy that I'd be proud to hang on my arm. Thoughtful, sweet, well mannered and quite the gentleman. He's a boy with a mans life. He's honorable, responsible, respectable and fair. 
Briar is really the one who surprised me the most. She's not at all who I thought she was and I loved seeing her finally be happy and content with her life. She's got a lot of sass and this amazing scrappy side, something I'm sure she inherited from her grandma (whom I adored). I love the way she's always right there to defend Chase to anyone who dares utters a negative word. Very cool. I also commend her for being brave enough to take a risk, following her dreams with her heart leading the way. 
Together these two bring out the very best in each other. I loved those playful moments. They made such a cute pair. The romance is very clean. A kiss stolen here and there and a little pantry incident, but it was enough to still make me smile.
I also really loved Chase's aunt and uncle and his friends. Everyone played their role well, making the experience that much grander.

Bottom line, I really just fell in love with this one. It's a simple story, yes and it's even a bit predictable, but I couldn't care less. It's a beautiful and tender love story about two people who find a connection and don't want to let it go. It's a story about finding that spark and passion that makes life worth living and doing it cause you love it and not cause your obligated. My only complaint was that I wish it was a little longer. I was  having so much fun reading about Briar and Chase and ranch living that I wasn't ready to let them go. 
J.C Isabella has a new fan, and I'm looking forward to reading more of her books! 

Charming, fun and adorable!! Definitely recommended!

                                                                     4.5 Snowflakes

About the author- J.C Isabella

I'm J.C. Isabella, and I love to write. I've been writing for about ten years now. Mostly it was just for fun, for me. But my friends liked my work, so I decided to self publish. I hope you enjoy the rest of my site, and the books I have written.The reason I chose to write romance, is because I love a happy ending. In YA there are so many lessons to be learned, so many firsts to be had. Why not write about first kisses, first crushes, or trying to explain to your father you were bitten by your boyfriend, who happens to be a werewolf?One thing I will always promise in my books is a happy ending. I've always hated getting to the end of a really great novel, and feeling let down because it didn't end the way I thought it should. So about ten years ago, I decided to write a book. I remember it was about these kids who hijack a boat to find buried treasure in Mexico....Needless to say, my writing has come a long way since my teen years, and I know I have room to improve, but I feel guilty having these books sitting in my computer, with no one to read them. So I'm putting them out for the world to see!
I try not to take myself too seriously. I'm not an editor, nor am I a total wiz when it comes to grammar or language. I try my darndest though, and I hope to give people an enjoyable read that is nice a break from reality.
I put a lot of work into what I do, and I appreciate people reading my work. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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  1. This is totally a Rachel book! It sounds so good plus I love that the author promises to always write HEA's!! Yay! Thank you J.C. Wonderful review Tina. I have to come back to enter the giveaway because it's too hard to do on my phone. :)

  2. Thanks Rach:) I think you'd like this one. Very sweet, very charming:)