Sunday, September 16, 2012

Author Spotlight: Tessa Gratton

 Tessa Gratton is definitely in my top 5 favorite authors of all time and if you read my review for her latest novel The Blood Keeper you know how much having her on the blog means to me.  I am so excited to have her on the blog!!

Tessa Gratton

1. In Blood Magic and The Blood Keeper the magical aspects are so intricately and beautifully pieced together. Did you have to do any kind of research or does it come straight from your imagination?

I researched magic extensively, but over the past 15 years because it's my favorite thing to read about  I've taken history and anthropology classes centered on the history of magical beliefs in religion and culture, both international and focused on Western European Medieval practices. I could write a dissertation about magic in the real world, basically. When I was designing the magical system for The Blood Journals I focused on the characters who created it - the Deacon specifically based his on Germanic and Pennsylvania Dutch, with some old Catholic mysticism thrown in because of the time and place he was born, and his own teacher (Gabriel, who was French and Catholic). The version of the magic in Silla's spell book is filtered through the character of Philip, who was very educated and not superstitious or religious at all, so it was much more scientific and based on the "quasi-science" of alchemy.

2. I loved the way The Blood Keeper was told in alternating points of view from two different time periods, was this always the plan?

Thank you! And yes, that was always the plan because I wanted TBK to directly mirror Blood Magic in structure, and BM was told in the same way. TBK is the daylight to BM darkness, and I want them to be part of the same conversation about magic and power and family, so the structure needed to reflect that.

3. I have to say Reese holds a special place in my heart, which character are you closest too and why?

I find this question nearly impossible to answer, because I'm close to all my characters emotionally - not that I love the, but that I understand the core thing that makes them who they are. With that understanding comes a level of intimacy. I feel especially close to Arthur because he's always been at the center of the story, even in BM in which he hardly appeared. My FAVORITE character though, is Josephine. Favorite to write for sure, and I'd have a great (probably dangerous and criminal) time getting a drink with her and experimenting with magic.

4. Is this the final book in the Blood Journals world or do you have more planned?

I have a third book in my head that I'll probably write someday, though there's nothing official planned right now. I can tell you though that if it happens, one of the POVs will be Lukas.

5. Your next story seems to be about Mythology, which sounds so exciting. What would you say is your favorite genre?

High fantasy! My recent favorite reads have been FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK by Melina Marchetta, THE CROWN OF EMBERS by Rae Carson, THE DEMON KING by Cinda Williams Chima. But I'm a long time fantasy reader. I love, love, love books with huge worlds (and magic, of course!).

6. Can you give a sneak peak into your new book, The Weight of Stars?

The best sneak peak is to go here:

It's the micro-site for the first book, with a blurb and little snippet, as well as links to my related Tumblr and a few short stories from the Merry Fates short story blog that take place in the United States of Asgard. 

Thanks for having me, Crystal! 
Woohoo so many things to look forward too!!  I am hoping with everything inside me that we get to see that third book to the Blood Keepers series (no pressure Tessa =)) and you can bet your bookies I will be stalking the bookstores when her new book, The Weight of Stars, releaeses!  
Tessa thank you so much for stopping by our blog!  It was a blast having you on and congratulattions on an amazing sequel! 

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 Blood Magic (The Blood Journals, #1) The Blood Keeper (The Blood Journals, #2)


  1. Interesting that this author researched the history of magic! Strange how so many cultures believed in magic . . . as if our collective consciousness was united across the world. Like how multiple cultures have variations on dragons, unicorns, and faeries.

    I've got to check this author out!

    1. I know I love that she put all that into the book! Her descriptions of the blood magic are amazing and definitely some of the best I have ever read! You have to check her out!!

  2. Wonderful interview Crystal and Tessa! I loved the Blood Keeper! It had me riveted until the end! I hope there's a third book in this world. Can't wait to see what Tessa comes up with next. :)

    1. Thanks Rachel!! I am so glad that you liked it!! I am crossing everything that we get the third book lol! I want it!!

  3. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …