Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Waterfall (River of Time, #1) by Lisa T. Bergren

Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren
Rating: 5 Snowflakes

Love this book!!!! This was the "Total Package" for me. There wasn't an ounce of anything missing! I'm a sucker for a good history/action/adventure/romance book, but this far exceeded my expectations! I couldn't put this one down, loved every bit of it!

The story is about two sisters who travel to Italy every summer due to their mom and late father's love of archeology. The Betarrini sisters search a tomb in which they were not supposed to enter and find handprints on the wall. As they both place their hands on these ancient handprints things begin to change. Upon entering the 13th century, Gabriella finds she is alone in this tomb, not sure where her sister Evangelia is. As she exits this tomb, she is captured by Marcello, whom by the way is eye candy!

The story is based on Gabriella's search for her sister and mother. She is such an amazing protaganist. Such spunk and wit, it makes you giggle at times. The knowledge she learned growing up helps her with her protrayal of a Lady from this current time. Of course she finds herself developing feelings for Marcello, but he is betrothed and let's just say his soon-to-be partner is anything but kind.

Gabriella does her best to not fall for Marcello, due to an alliance needed by the betrothel of Lady Rossi and Marcello the future Lord of Castello Forelli. She finds it hard when he is so attentive and attractive. Throughout the story you will find yourself at the edge of your seat and cheering on Gabriella as she deals with the longing to find her sister, the fight to not fall for the "knight in shining armor", a devious Lady Rossi, and a battle of inner strength.

The Characters in this story were so well written and the story was so believable. I LOVED the chemistry between Gaby and Marcello. There was such a pull there, which made you want to read more. Gabriella was a strong heroin. She can wield a sword, climb down a stone wall on a rope, give an attitude and yet Present herself as a Lady when needed. Such a fun character to read about. Then there is Marcello, oh Lord Marcello...dreamy, muscular, attentive all rolled up in his Italian hotness! Need I say more??!!

The secondary characters were amazing as well. A great story isn't a great story without the jealous, devious, bitchy girlfriend. Lady Rossi surely played her part in that. Ugh makes me cringe thinking about her! Luca, captain Luca Forelli, cousin of Marcello. Such a great cast of characters and they all contributed to make this story as amazing and wonderful as it was.

This has got to be one of my favorite books so far this year and I can't wait until June when the next book in River of Time series comes out. I would recommend this book to everyone. Young and old. It is a book that is relatable yet very enjoyable to read.


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