Friday, June 12, 2015

Book Expo America 2015 Recap

Hello there darling readers!! 

Today I wanted to tell you about my adventures at...

I registered for BEA long before I joined this lovely blog so my personal blog name is on my badge along with some awesome sauce buttons!

This was an experience I won't ever forget. I had begun planning this expedition during BEA of 2014. The wait was agonizing and of course it was over WAY too fast but I cherished every second of it! Here are some awesome banners they had hanging around. Also those stairs!!!!

After much planning ( I mean months of planning) I began my journey by taking a Greyhound the 3.5 hour trip to New York City. I had lived in the city for 5 years when I was younger so I felt very comfortable navigating my way around. I met my roommates at our hotel where we then quickly got ready and headed to Brooklyn for the P.S. I Still Love You Launch with Jenny Han. It was one of the nicest book launch's i have ever been to. Not only was Jenny adorable but the set up was sweet. There was an amazing dessert table complete with macarons and they were serving champagne, both of which went way too fast, There was a make -up artist and a lady  to do some amazing nail art as well. Those lines were out of control but we DID take advantage of the phot opt. in Lara Jean's bedroom. SO CUTE!! Yes, I am the one rocking the heart shaped glasses. I need a pair of those!


After a quick subway ride back to the hotel it was off to bed, or really off to chat till 2 am. We woke bright and early the next day got to the Javits Center around 9ish. 

My roommates and I
(From left to right)
Sarah -  Words with Sarah, me, Becca from Pivot Point Review,
Pili from In Love with Handmade

Even though I was scheduled to go to Bloggercon I had bigger fish to fry, so I went and got in the already huge line for the door. Mind you they didn't open till 1p.m. Everyone there had one goal...

Truthwitch Line 2 hours before floor opened
After a mad dash. Yes people were sprinting so I am glad I had my lovely friend Cassie to pull me across the whole floor, VICTORY WAS MINE and I got one of the 100 tickets they were giving out for the signing. That was the highlight of my day! Susan is awesome!! I also had to be sure to grab the newest Little Elliot book for my darling son. Mike Curato wrote a birthday message for him and it was just darling.

Day 2 - After a goodnight sleep we awoke at the crack of dawn to arrive at 6:30 so we could be near the front when the door to the convention floor were opened. This was the line for that morning. Crazy right? The staff wanted the line to be 4 across which was not a smart idea.

Today's morning mission was PASSENGER BY ALEX BRACKEN. I was pleasantly surprised that walking got me in the line for this book just in time. Once again I obtained one of my MUST books. Alex was the sweetest!! The next few hours were basically a blur of different lines and random blogger sighting. There is just so much to do and see you kind of get lost in the flow of things. also you end up with a gang of books so YAY!

Alexandra Bracken
Day 3 - Sadly this day came to fast for me since I had to leave that afternoon. This was the most laid back day for me since the only book I NEEDED was Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. If I could make the other two limited book I 100% positive I could nab this one. Also I was planning to sit there till the line started anyway. I bumped into some pretty cool authors and got to chat with them a bit including two of my favorites James Patterson & Melissa Grey.



This convention was so much fun although I felt a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of this thing. Next time I go I will absolutely make it a priority to socialize more since I feel like that was the one thing I missed out the most on. Now what you really want to see.... THE BOOKS!!! Hope to see you all there next year in Chicago!!


  1. Fantastic recap Britt!! You are the bestest roomie ever and I hope we can do BEA16 together too!!

    1. Me too!! I wasn't so sure I could due to travel and all but if I have to wait a whole year to hang out with you girls again then I'll make it happen!

  2. The line for Susan Dennard's Truthwitch was seriously LONG. Its so cute to think that you guys had to sprint to get it! I've never been to BEA, so its really nice to read all about your recap :D

    Maryam @ Captain Swan Bookishhh

    1. Maryam I'm glad you enjoyed it!! That line and that running was ridiculous but I wasn't going to let anything stand in my way so everyone was running so was I. The best part was the people we were passing kept saying what's going on? Is there a fire? Why is everyone running? It was kinda funny to hear.