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Review: Irresistible by Liz Bankes

IrresistibleIrresistible by Liz Bankes
Publisher: Walker Childrens
Release Date: February 14, 2013 (ebook)
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When Mia gets a summer job at a prestigious country club, it's hard work, but fun, especially as a romance develops with fellow student Dan. However, from the beginning she is drawn to the sexy, rich and bored Jamie--he's got everything he could ever want, and enjoys nothing more than messing with people's lives for his own entertainment. Mia knows getting involved with Jamie is a bad idea, but there's something so dangerously exciting about Jamie she just can't resist.

My Thoughts:
Oh my this book was a mess!  From beginning to end I stayed cringed and wide eyed at the events that took place.  *shudders*

Mia is a girl just looking to make money so she can travel for awhile and put college off.  When she gets a job at a very highly famous and post restaurant she hopes that her dreams of traveling will come true.  What she doesn't count on is a drama filled summer involving a co worker and the bosses son.

When I read the description of the book I knew I was in for a drama filled ride, but I didn't think the whole book would be about the drama.  I hoped that Mia would grow throughout the book and yes make mistakes but learn from then.  This girl did none of those things.  From the get go we know that Jamie, the bosses son is toxic.  I honestly never grew to like him.  He was snarky, mean, and just downright evil at times.  He drinks too much, gets women to do things they normally wouldn't and turns it against them, and sleeps with multiple girls even though he has a girlfriend.  I never understood why Mia was so drawn to him especially since his antics were in plain view for her to see. The first time she sees him he is kissing a girl against the window and then said girl gets fired for messing around with him and drinking wine that he himself had taken.  She had Dan, the co worker, as her boyfriend to be and he seemed so sweet and yes I know that the nice guy always finishes last but in this book there was no competition.  Then again Mia wasn't any better than Jamie as far as all the lying and even though she did fall in love that doesn't justify her actions.  I am still confused as to why anybody would want to be with Jamie.  Don't get me wrong I love my bad boys as much as the next girl, but Jamie had no saving qualities at all.  He was just toxic which is how Mia describes him.

The story is basically about Mia falling into the wrong crowd at work and finding Jamie irresistible.  Throughout the story we get to see how deep Mia falls and how she disregards her friends to be with Jamie.  They have a very forbidden love (if you could call it that) affair and when things finally are revealed the destruction is huge.  I was bothered that what happens at the end was basically skipped over.  I can't imagine any girl bouncing back from what Mia has done to her so I felt like the big "OMG I have been an idiot" scene was left out and we the reader really needed that scene.  It would have redeemed Mia a little bit, but no we are breezed right past the aftermath and thrown into a very awkward situation with a huge cliffhanger at the end.   

So unfortunately this book was not for me.  The characters that I loved took a backseat to the drama and ickiness of Jamie and Mia's relationship.  Also as a note of warning this book is definitely for older book fans.  There are a few very descriptive scenes that I know I wouldn't want my young adult to read if I had one.

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 *ARC was provided by the publisher for an honest review*

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  1. This book certainly sounds like a mess. Mia sounds absolutely awful, with no redeeming qualities, and while I like my bad boys too, I also want them to have good hearts underneath everything. I'll definitely be staying away from this one. Sorry this was so disappointing, but thanks for the wonderful review, Crystal! :)