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Review: Eternity by Laury Falter

Eternity (Guardian Trilogy, #2) (print version)Eternity by Laury Falter
Publisher: Audeamus LLC
Release Date: August 29, 2011
Purchase: Amazon 
Maggie thought she was safe until an old enemy arrives in New Orleans with a dire threat: A battle is on the way.

With only a few days to spare, she and Eran embark on a path that is expected to prepare them for the world’s most evil creatures. But what Maggie discovers is far more disturbing…the truth behind her identity and why their enemies will never give up.

My Thoughts:
I am completely addicted to this series.  I really enjoyed Fallen, the first book in the Guardian Trilogy, but Eternity totally blew me away.  I knew I would like it since I was a fan of the first, but nothing could have prepared me for just how much I would fall in love with not only the characters, but the whole world that Ms.Falter has created.

Eternity picks up where Fallen left us with Eran and Maggie trying to stay one step ahead of the Fallen Ones who want to destroy Maggie.  This proves to be harder than they thoughts when several Fallen Ones start enrolling in her school.  When a warning comes from one of their enemies, Eran starts traveling at night to gain some knowledge as to who is leading the army and what they will face.  This leaves Maggie open to uncovering her other lives and that is where the story really took off for me.  We get to see how Eran and Maggie met, how they fought together, and in the end how they fell in love.  It was beautiful and one of the most romantic things I have ever read.  I loved loved loved that the story took us into the past and let us see the big events in Maggie's lives.  Honestly I would read a book from each of her lives if I could, the chapters that contained the past were that good and totally captivated me.  The story in Eternity is not just past filler, we learn quite a bit about other characters that totally surprised me and we get to see Maggie live up to her badarse past lives.  I really appreciated that the author took the time to continue the storyline while giving us a ton of background information.  I understand more about why Maggie is in danger and about the Fallen Ones.  Just brilliant!

I love Eran and Maggie.  They are quickly becoming my favorite couple of all time and seeing how they fell in love was amazing.  Their love truly does stand the test of time.  Felix, Ezra, & Rufus were awesome just like in the first book and I loved their loyalty to Maggie and her fight.  I am still unsure of The Warden and Bridget, I think they will have a bigger role in the next book because I can't see them just being secondary characters.  I could  be wrong but there is just something sinister about them both that I think will come out eventually.  I loved Bronte!  I was skeptical at first but let me tell you that woman was awesome!

If you haven't picked up Fallen yet you are seriously missing out.  I can't say enough how much I am in love with this world and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book Reckoning.  I have a feeling it will be EPIC!


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