Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sleigh Tour The Magic of Christmas

Sleigh Tour The Magic of Christmas: Blizzard of the Blue Moon (Magic Tree House, #36)

Today, I'm excited to join the the Sleigh Tour Bloggers this week as we share one of their favorite Children's Winter/Christmas stories. To see who else is on the tour you can visit the WinterHaven Sleigh Tour event.

My children's choice for today is Blizzard of the Blue Moon by Mary Pope Osborne

Blizzard of the Blue Moon (Magic Tree House, #36)

My Thoughts

This story is one of many from the well-known Magic Tree House series. Each book takes you on a new adventure. Blizzard of the Blue Moon was an easy, smooth read and one that is easily finished within an hour.
Jack and Annie travel on many adventures for Morgan le Fay, a magical librarian from the legendary realm of Camelot. Now, Merlin the magician began sending them on "Merlin Missions." This was another mission to prove that Jack and Annie can use magic wisely. A poem was left to guide them by their friends Teddy and Kathleen, two young enchanters of Camelot. Their clue sends them traveling back in time to snowy New York City, in the year of 1938. Their mission is to release a unicorn from a spell.
I really liked the history woven into the Magic Tree House books. Not only is there a lesson/story, but a bit of an education on the places they travel for their missions. This was an enjoyable read. Nice cast of characters and easy dialogue for young readers.

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