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Review: Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone
Published: October 9, 2012
Publisher: Hyperion
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Anna and Bennett were never supposed to meet: she lives in 1995 Chicago and he lives in 2012 San Francisco. But Bennett has the unique ability to travel through time and space, which brings him into Anna’s life, and with him a new world of adventure and possibility.

As their relationship deepens, the two face the reality that time may knock Bennett back to where he belongs, even as a devastating crisis throws everything they believe into question. Against a ticking clock, Anna and Bennett are forced to ask themselves how far they can push the bounds of fate, what consequences they can bear in order to stay together, and whether their love can stand the test of time.

My Thoughts
Time Between Us is a refreshingly unique love story that falls into a YA sub-genre rarely ventured by authors in this space. I’ve had the opportunity to read a few time travel books, and have enjoyed them quite a bit. However, to find one in my preferred YA genre is definitely an exception. It seems to be a sub-genre that YA authors choose not to tackle, so when I came across Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone; I was excited to dive right in. I truly enjoyed this book and found it both matchless and engaging, which provided the perfect fix for what I was hoping to experience. Loved it!

Anna and Bennett are from two different places and times. Anna lives in the city of Chicago in the year 1995, and Bennett is from the present time living in San Francisco. Therefore, logic would dictate that these two characters should never have never crossed paths. However, Bennett has a unique gift that allows him to travel through time and space, and after a series of events, he and Anna meet and ultimately form a relationship that forces them to face the challenges of trying to stay together despite the odds stacked against them.

First off let me just say that I continue to be amazed with the caliber of writing I’m witnessing from debut authors in the YA genre. As of late, if I want to read something refreshing and unique I simply have to seek out a rookie or self published author to find what I’m looking for. This genre is definitely stepping up its game, and these new authors entering the scene should not be ignored.

Okay back to this book… I loved how Tamara Ireland Stone focused her energy on developing the story, characters and plot of her novel rather than muddying the experience with needless laws of physics, hypotheses or theories. As a reader, she invites us to momentarily suspend our reality and experience Anna and Bennett’s story without unnecessary time machines and plot devices. As a pair, they were extremely relatable and easy to fall for that I had no issues putting all logic in the back seat. I simply wanted to enjoy the adventure, so I welcomed Stone’s invitation to journey with her characters in this romantic, yet suspenseful story about love and friendship.

Now with time travel books, I often find that it’s easy to become confused when presented with two different points in time that have unrelated events happening in each. It takes a very crafty writer to keep the reader in pace with the events as they unfold as the characters move between two points in time. Stone did an outstanding job of keeping the storyline clear and distinct thus allowing me to focus on the events as they unfolded without having to wonder if I missed a blip in time or event. Well done!

Overall, I truly enjoyed Anna and Bennett’s story. Theirs is a tale of defying both logic and fate by attempting to overcome the obstacles they face to be with one another. It’s not about an unlikely pair or forbidden love… not at all. These two make the perfect pair, they just have one small barrier between them … time and space. Stone did a masterful job of spinning a tale that incorporates the elements of good story-telling, well crafted characters and perfect pacing to keep the reader both engaged and enchanted with her cast.

I can’t recommend this book enough to those looking for a fresh take on the potential this YA genre still has in store. Stone carved her mark among the YA authors that deserve attention. Enjoyed this one a ton!
5 Snowflakes


  1. I am looking forward to reading this even more now! Thanks for the review. :)

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life

  2. Thanks for the review. :) i gave it a 3,8/5. it was fun but i had some qualms with anna

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