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Review & Giveaway: Final Life by Rose Garcia

Final Life (The Transhuman Chronicles, #1)Final Life by Rose Garcia
Self published
Release date: May 15, 2012

Eight lives. You'd think Dominique would get it right, but she's failed every time. Now on her final life, Dominique must discover the secrets of her past before confronting the Transhuman hunter who wants to kill her for the last time. Farrell, a mysterious Transhuman protector, and Trent, a hot guy from school, want to help. But it's up to her to get it right this time—or she’ll be dead. For real

My Thoughts:
Final Life, is yet another example of why I have been attracted to Indie authors books. They are a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read this fascinating story and to be able to share my affections for this book.
Rose Garcia has spun a marvelous story with unique twists that pulled me in until the very last page. The idea of have multiple lives to "get it right" was captivating in itself. I found myself very curious as to what happened in those past lives, and if the protagonist was going to conquer the evil in her last and Final Life.

"You're Being Helped. There are heavenly forces working behind the scenes to help you, even if you don't see results yet."

The concept of using Oracle cards and numerology fascinated me, throw in an Ouija board and a whole lotta creepy presents itself. Dominique had her numerology done by Jan, Infiniti's (her new friend) neighbor, which told that Dominique was in fact on her 9th and final life. Visions of a red desert haunted Dominique. Her parents introduce her to Farrell Walker, whom will stay with her while her parents go out of town. She always believed her mom and dad to be geologists, but she learns that her life is not what she thought it was. Transhumans inhabited the earth and had the ability to control the energy within them and around them. A pact was made to not interfere with its history, but some broke the pact when mankind appeared. Instead of working for good, they turned, and worked for evil by corrupting the weak souls on New Earth. They are called the Tainted. The ones who honored the pact and protected mankind later became known as the Pure.  The fate of the race rested on one human soul, the marked one, Dominique.

Dominique is torn between Trent, and the Walker who's assigned to protect her.

This story was so fascinating, I can't even begin to describe the coolness written in this book. There are so many unique twists thrown in the mix and blend perfectly into the storyline. I loved the characters, especially Dominique, Farrel and Trent. Dominique was a tough protagonist and she was determined to survive Tavion, the evil and a bit scary Tainted. He wanted to take Dominique's ninth life.

I really felt bad for Farrell. He had loved Dominique, but in this life, she had feelings for Trent. They are both great guys, and I feel so torn about which one I like better. I sort of hope she sways to Farrell. I really liked Trent too, but there was just something about Farrell that has me cheering for him. Of course I am not going to tell you how this ends, but I will say, your heart may just break a little bit.

Final Life is filled with magical moments, heart aching moments, action, and suspense. I look forward to the next chapter of Dominique's story.

About the Author:

I'm a lawyer turned writer who’s always been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy. From a very young age, I often had my nose buried in books about other-worlds, fantastical creatures, and life and death situations. More recently I've been intrigued by a blend of science fiction and reality, and the idea that some supernatural events are, indeed, very real. Fueled by my imagination, I created The Transhuman Chronicles—a series of books about people who have overcome human limitations. The first in this series is Final Life. Between juggling family life with my husband and two kids, I'm working on the companion to Final Life. So stay tuned! 
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  1. Ooh, this sounds like a really great read! I am loving the plot and the idea of numerology and ouija boards. They're not very common in YA! Thanks for the great review :)

    - Ellie @ The Selkie Reads Stories

    1. It's a great read! Unique and intriguing!! Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

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