Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WinterHaven New Page Launch!

Well for the last two months we’ve been working furiously to overhaul all of our blog pages, but today we're excited about this special announcement! Soooo, hold on to your snowflakes…

Today we launched a new page called WinterHaven Corner!! 

This page was a brainchild of - you guessed it … YOU… our fabby followers who submitted ideas to us in our 400 Followers Celebration. We’ll be honest, when the suggestions first started coming in, we were thinking… Oh woah!! How are we going to implement some or even any of these? Snow falling? Winter playlists? Winter books? Warm winter drinks? What did we start here!?! LOL Well as the time went on and the empty blog canvas started to take form with your great ideas, we have to admit OUR.FOLLOWERS.ROCK!

~whispers~ You don’t want to miss what we have to say next… :D
So, take a stroll over to our WinterHaven Corner and post a comment on that page about what you think of our newest addition to the blog. If you post, we’ll pick a comment at random and the winner will receive up to a $15 US shopping spree to The Book Depository. Yup, no rafflecopter thingy to fill out, just make sure you comment before September 10, 2012.
Wait there’s more!! We have a winner for our 400 Followers Extravaganza. Just click on the blog post to see who won. We’ll be emailing the winner shortly. :)

So thank you to all of our followers for helping us grow this blog! We hope you enjoy the newest addition. :D

Winner is: Comment #3 Lili!  Congrats!

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  1. I posted there but I just want to say for all those that haven't seen it yet: IT IS AWESOME!