Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Desert Rice by Angela Scott

Desert Rice Desert Rice by Angela Scott
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Release Date: June 2012
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Samantha Jean Haggert is a beautiful twelve-year-old girl—but no one knows it. All they see is an awkward boy in a baseball cap and baggy pants. Sam’s not thrilled with the idea of hiding her identity, but it’s all part of her older brother’s plan to keep Sam safe from male attention and hidden from the law. Fifteen-year-old Jacob will stop at nothing to protect his sister, including concealing the death of the one person who should have protected them in the first place—their mother.

Sam and Jacob try to outrun their past by stealing the family car and traveling from West Virginia to Arizona, but the adult world proves mighty difficult to navigate, especially for two kids on their own. Trusting adults has never been an option; no adult has ever given them a good reason. But when Sam meets “Jesus”—who smells an awful lot like a horse—in the park, life takes a different turn. He saved her once, and may be willing to save Sam and her brother again, if only they admit what took place that fateful day in West Virginia. The problem? Sam doesn’t remember, and Jacob isn’t talking

My Thoughts:
I seriously still have chills on my arms!!  Angela Scott has some of the best first chapters and mid book twists that I have ever read.  This is my second book of hers to read and right from the start I was captivated by both.  She packs a huge punch in just a few sentences and I can definitely say that I will be on the lookout for her next book.

This story is very different from her zombie novel WANTED.  This one is about survival and the love between brothers and sisters.  Samantha and Jacob do not have the ideal life.  They live with their mother who is abusive and their days consist of just trying to survive. Well when their mother dies, Jacob takes Sam on the run so that they can stay together and not be split up in foster care.  My goodness, what these two go through is beyond heartbreaking.  Jacob at only fifteen takes his sister who is twelve across many states, finds a job by lying about his age, and basically takes care of her the best way he can.  That right there is love.  Is their journey perfect, no not by a long shot.  Pressure builds and Jacob shows that he is only a child several times and Sam goes through the same thing.  My heart really broke for these two characters.  The turning point in the story is when Sam meets Boone.  Things take a very intense turn when Sam and Jacobs true story comes out and let me tell you, you will need tissues for that part.  I was in shock and I am still in shock over what happened to these two kids.

Again this story is not perfect and I think if the author had made it a perfect ending with a bow then it would not have been real.  Jacob did what he did for the love of his sister and he will forever hold a place in my heart.  I did not know that this was going to be a series so I am very intrigued to see where Ms.Scott takes this story.  There are a few loose ends that I know need to be tied up and I am very curious how those will play out.  Another brilliant story from Angela Scott!
                                                                 4 Snowflakes

*A copy of this book was provided by the author.  Thank you SOOO much!!*

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  1. I saw this somewhere before, but was a little wary about reading it since I've heard nothing about it, but now I'm definitley adding it to my TBR! Thanks for the honest review:)

    1. Yay I really hope that you like it!! After you read it let me know your thoughts!

  2. I am really wanting this book. I read and reviewed Wanted: Dead or Undead and I agree with you about her writing. She has some great first chapters and mid stream twists and her cliffhanger in her zombie western is the best one I have ever read!
    So glad you liked it.

    1. If you liked Wanted then I really think you will love this one. No zombies but man like you said Angela can definitely write! I know I am dying for the next in that series!! I really can't wait to hear your thoughts when you pick this one up so please come back and let me know!