Sunday, June 10, 2012

Helping out the wonderful Entangled team!

We love Entangled!  They have in the past year given us some of our most favorite books, Obsidian, Chosen Ones, Touch, and Tempting the Best Man to just name a few.  We have I believe almost every other one in their catalog on our TBR piles so yeah we really love them =D  We wanted to help spread the word about their new line called Dead Sexy!  It is for the more mature audience, 18 and up so if you are in that category then believe us you will not want to miss these new spicy titles!!  They officially launch on June 15 which is right around the corner!!  We have linked up a banner on the right hand side of our blog so that you can check out their titles!  Well what are you waiting for??  GO!!! =D


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