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Significance (Sagnificance, #1) by Shelly Crane

Significance by Shelly Crane
Published: 2011

Significance blew me away. I am a huge fan of Maggie and Caleb. They now, are one of my most favorite couples. There was such a beautiful connection between them, I didn't want their story to end. I actually tried to savor the last 100 pages and not devour them. This book is easily one that you can read really fast because it's that good.

Maggie Masters spent the the last year raising herself. Her mom took off and left Maggie and her father alone. Her father became catatonic. He was there, but wasn't there. I immediately could picture and feel her sadness and her feelings of loneliness. My heart sank deep just imagining what she went through. Maggie just wanted to get through her senior year. After her graduation her friend Kyle Jacobson asked her to go for something to do. See, Kyle has had a crush on Maggie for like, forever. Little does he know, Maggie doesn't feel the same way. She needed to get out and get fresh air so she goes for a walk and this is when her life changes forever.

Do you believe in fate? Perhaps that's exactly what it was when Maggie saved Caleb's life after pulling him back off the road and nearly missed being hit by a truck, turns out, he's Kyles cousin. I don't mind instant chemistry as long as it isn't over the top. This one, was well played out and had me curling my toes up with giddiness. Caleb instantly won me over.

“She's the one.” “We don't get to choose.”

Do you believe in soul mate's? The moment Maggie and Caleb shook hands, their fate was sealed. Flashes of happy times with him came rushing into her mind, she could feel his heart beating, his happiness. “Because you are my significant, my soul mate, and I'm yours we imprinted with each other” --Swoon-- “It usually doesn't happen when we're this young. And it hasn't been happening at all with the families.” The Jacobson's are special, they are Virtuoso, or Charmed. They call themselves Aces. They have abilities once they reach a certain age after they imprint. I seriously LOVED Caleb, he's such a Romeo. Talk about a character that just makes you melt!

Maggie and Caleb form an instant connection once they imprint on one another. It was fascinating to see their new relationship develop so quickly. It was written so it didn't feel rushed really though. It was perfect. There was a sense of protection and a need to make her happy that made Caleb's character more appealing. Imprinting hasn't been happening for a while now and the clan's have been concerned about it, so when Caleb and Maggie imprinted, not only was it exciting, but it is very rare to imprint with a human.

Once other clan's found out about it, (one clan specifically) Maggie and Caleb became a target. They don't want them to Ascend. Which is when they grow and gain their full ability. The events that took place once the bad clan (that's just what I call them) come into the picture were suspenseful and contained enough action that I really didn't want to put the book down. I HAD to keep reading and find out what happened next to Maggie and Caleb. There were some pretty amazing things that happen throughout this story that you really should just experience this for yourself.

“He had just imprinted with the girl he wanted more than any other, the girl who had saved his life, the girl he thought he'd never have. She was his.”

I loved the characters, good and bad. Sure, I wanted to smack the smirk off Marcus's face, and punch his uncle in the kahuna's for being such an evil ass, but what it boils down to is that they were all fantastic and were played so well. I just adored little Maria, Caleb's niece. She was so cute and who couldn't relate to an open-mouth honesty a little child provides LOL. And, I cannot forget Caleb's parents. I thought they were magnificent and so cute together.

It's so easy to be swept away into this amazing story. I am gushing over this book. I would like to thank Shelly Crane for the opportunity to read this awesome story. I can't wait to read the next book, Accordance(Significance, #2)Accordance (Significance, #2).

5/5 Snowflakes

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  1. I love your review. I just read and reviewed this one also. Can't wait to read Accordance, and for Defiance to come out.

    1. Aw, thanks, Ellen! I'm so in love with this book I can hardly contain myself LOL

  2. Great review Amber! I just finish reading Significance! Love the romance in this book! :)

    1. Thank you, Debbie! Their romance is intoxicating. Love it!!

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