Monday, January 23, 2012

Unveiled by Trisha Wolfe


Published September 18th 2011 by S.B. Addison Books

Wow, for a short story this was awesome. This is the first of Trisha Wolfe's stories I have read. I was totally pulled in from the beginning. I love stories with action and romance.

The Kingdom of Karm is supposed to protect it's people from the Outside, the wasteland. King Hart rules Karm. Fallon is a Rebel sent on a mission to dispose of one of Karm's men. During her mission she questions her leaders intentions and wonders what Xander has done to be placed with a death wish. Micha, Fallon's leader, had taken her in when she was 10 because her mother died from the virus.

On Fallon's mission she realizes that this was her personal test to prove her allegiance to the Rebels. It didn't feel right to her though.

She soon finds out that Micha had sent a plant, a man by the name Larkin, to watch Fallon and make sure she did what was ordered. Fallon has fallen somewhat for Xander and she decides to confront Micha about this mission.

In the end, Fallon ends up wearing the ring marking her the chosen leader of the Rebels.

Even though this is a short story, It is very well written and easily pulls you in. The lavish details and the quick chemistry between Fallon and Xander didn't make me want to gag. I actually found it perfectly executed for such a story.

There was lots of action and enough peaking romance that I couldn't NOT want to read this. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Wolfe's stories.



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